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TOPIC: I have just seen one manual for RuneScape

I have just seen one manual for RuneScape 3 months 1 week ago #43736

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What if I train ? My principal obj is to RuneScape gold receive 75 atk, for my bgs, also 80 str. Do not suggest slayer. . Its crap exp. . For me anyway. Do not use a BGS. The whip outperforms the BGS, and in the event that you truly need a weapon update get a CR. Ghouls are okay xp to your level, familiar with only the cost of some lobsters, I used to use ghouls prior to slayer. I understand your not asking for a equipment suggestion thread, but you might also utilize barrows gloves. I got them in your battle level, not quite hard. The regen brace does hardly anything. And don't say your not doing the quest because of the reqs, I did all of the reqs and they were rather easy to get.

Well then! I have got a personal training place that not many people use. I have just seen one manual for this, and that's on a different fansite. They are called Zombie Monkeys, plus they are on Ape Atoll. You may find them just beneath the fighter guards. Now, here's what you will need to train: A fantastic training weapon. Whip for attack, and a Sara Sword for advantage, I'd say would be suitable for you.

A fantastic pair of armour concerning prayer bonus. Proselyte rather than barrows, although if you had, say, a soulwars cape and bandos then that would be appropriate too:D. A salve amulet, rather (e). That is why this is good xp. Teleport into ape atoll unlocked, a teleport into an altar and rear to ape atoll (ardougne cloak works nicely as it also has a prayer bonus). Lots of prayer potions, a holy wrench, a battle recognizable that gets you the type of xp you want.

Teleport to ape atoll, wield greegree, get to the basement, wear keep from melee, sip out of a super place, use your special attack weapon (probably a dds), then get your primary weapon. Use protect from melee and also the most effective offensive prayers you may use, and put up at the North-west corner: you'll have 1-2 of the most powerful reptiles constantly attacking youpersonally, making this very low-click and speedy xp. After 15 minutes, they won't be agressive, therefore tele out, run around a little, and tele back in. I find this gets me very speedy xp each hour, certainly quicker than slayer, and best of all there aren't any bots!

Can salve have a quest req? Piety is 12mil away... And the very best id go is chiv, as my current money stack is 11m, and its never within my bank (always in ge( multiplying) along with the other 12mil I have is in things. Fury has a 2+ str to glory, which made me lol... I dont rlly need tht extra def, as I have well over 300+ def with buy RS gold my current gear. Alrdy possess a monster team for Bandos... (im smallest cb there, but its lootshare so im good l0l)
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